The Book

Disturbance With A Mental is a compilation of poems and short stories about mental illness and trauma. They range in intensity with some being more graphic and thought provoking than others. Their point is to help produce thoughtful discussions of what a person who has experienced traumatic events or is living with a mental illness experiences. I strongly suggest reading these stories with a journal or notebook at hand. Write whatever comes to mind. When you have finished all the stories, revisit your journal at a later time and repeat the exercise and compare where you were with where you are.

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The Blog

The Blog is a place to talk openly about the experiences you or a loved one has with mental illness. To help the discussion, I will attach a poem or short story. We can use that as a catalyst to discuss. After two weeks, I will remove the story and enter a new one. It’s that simple. All I want is for people to learn about the diseases and talk about them. One of the main ways to break the stigma of mental illness is to have open conversation.


I currently have a presentation used in police CIT training. The topic is Gaining Empathy for those Experiencing Hallucinations and Communication Skills to Communicate. This is a 90 minute class. If you are interested in me presenting to your group or organization.

I have made presentations during paramedic training to help the students gain empathy and understand what the patient may be experiencing during the call.

Please email me at with any questions

Helpful Sites

NAMI Chicago   At    Terrific for finding help and support with Mental Illness concerns.

In The Sink Publishing    Not only a publisher, but opportunities to explore your creative side. Cool podcasts too.