BLOG: Colors

This is the first installment of the Blog. As mentioned, I’ll keep this up for about two weeks as we blog/talk about it. How it relates. How it makes us feel after reading it etc. I want to hear your thoughts. Thanks, John

It starts with colors
Slowly they begin to glow
Not just glow, Shine
Not just shine,
Sparkle with a blinding brilliance.
My energy grows with the colors. My powers grow.
I can hear the words of the wind. The trees speak.
Their knowledge of centuries flows into me. Enlightened, I reach outward with my consciousness.
I see the collective insights of the goddess of Earth. Her love fills me, empowering me to speak.
I must act. I am compelled to tell the answers to All. I can help. Heal. Cure.
There is resistance. They cannot understand. Will not understand.
The knowledge frightens them. Apprehension creeps into my mind.
Waning, my gift begins to slip away. Slowly at first. Then it gains momentum.
It pours like a flood from me. The colors lose their glow.
They return to their previous existence. Then, they too leave me.
They dull, turning grey. I am living in an ashen world.
I had the Love of the Earth in my heart.
Now I stand empty.
I am alone. Forsaken. So I wait.
I wait for the colors.

4 thoughts on “BLOG: Colors”

  1. This reminds me of being manic, when I think that all my ideas are awesome. Nobody else quite sees my brilliance, as I try to share with others. When I come back down to normal, I am embarrassed by my thoughts and behaviors. And even though I am med compliant, I wait for the feelings to return again, like they always do.

    1. That is exactly the point here. Now that my meds make me “Normal” I miss the highs, and even the lows. I can’t quite get inspiration to paint or write.

      1. I do miss the highs, but I find that my creativity is actually better when I’m on meds. My mind can focus on an idea without jumping around, and I complete more works.

        1. Yeah, the not jumping around and having 147 unfinished projects is a good point. I guess if I keep trying, The “muse” will return.
          ‘Bout time I change the blog. I’ll take care of that this weekend. We are all on 12 hour, days off canceled, waiting for deployment status so I’ll have time.

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